About the National Security Council

Every state needs to take all the necessary precautions against the potential threats to its existence, survival and security. Due to this necessity, states seek to determine the challenges and opportunities through monitoring regional and global security environments and thus need national security systems which embrace the processes and elements of formulation and implementation of national policies providing the most appropriate responses to these challenges and opportunities.

The first step taken by Turkey for a national security structuring was the foundation by a 1933 decree of the Supreme Defense Assembly which was assigned with national mobilization issues. In the way towards today’s status, the said establishment has passed through various changes parallel to the evolving perceptions of security and lastly has been subject to constitutional and legal amendments within the framework of Turkey’s European Union membership process. Currently under the name of “National Security Council” (NSC), it is the supreme coordination board of the State in the field of security and defence policy, convening once every two months, bringing together on a constitutional platform the President of the Republic of Turkey, as the chair, pertinent ministers, the Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces and force commanders. Council meetings provide an opportunity to exchange views and debate on the national security issues at the highest level.

The NSC of the Republic of Turkey is composed of the President, as the chair, vice presidents, ministers of Justice, National Defense, the Interior and Foreign Affairs, the Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, commanders of the Turkish Land, Naval and Air Forces.

If the agenda deems necessary, pertinent ministers and individuals may also be invited to the Council meetings to provide information and comment on the featured topics.

In the absence of the President, the National Security Council shall be presided by the Vice President.